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Magic Boat Ride – How I Wished for Death the First Time I Went to Sweden

Taking a cruise from Finland to Sweden could end your life. Lord knows it nearly ended mine. In my relatively short lifetime, I’ve twice taken a boat from Helsinki to Stockholm. Both times gave me some unforgettable nights, unrivaled fun, … Continue reading

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Wanna know something really weird about me? I lived in Finland for a while. And Finland sort of makes sense to me now. I can speak a bit of Finnish – that’s never going away – and it’s a skill … Continue reading

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Who the hell is Mikey Bukna?

A funny thing happened to me this week. Christmas is over and I’ve been enjoying my gifts when I can. One such gift – from a good friend who knows me well – was the gift of hockey, in the … Continue reading

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Carry on, Kallio

The bar attracts a diverse crowd and I’m always entertained by the drunkenness of the clientele and their wild behavior. – Jason Wright, SpottedbyLocals.com, July 2011 This week I accidently stumbled upon a few Aki Kaurismäki films on YouTube. I … Continue reading

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Gib mir fünf!

I don’t miss Vancouver. I don’t feel nostalgic for the city – not even in the least. It is beautiful, this is true, but that beauty is all natural. Many would argue that this is a better kind of beauty, … Continue reading

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The streetlights of this city mesmerize me. I have not encountered anything like them in the relatively short time I that have been fortunate enough to grace this planet. Perhaps they are common in many parts of the world. If … Continue reading

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Seven chipmunks twirlin’ on a branch, eatin’ lots of sunflowers on my uncle’s ranch.

This is the first post of 2011, isn’t it? It won’t be a very good one, sorry to disappoint. I sort of disappeared for a while and need something to kick start the creative juices. This is more for me … Continue reading

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Mr. Out of Context!

Would you like to hear about my new favorite game? Sure, I’d be glad to tell you about it. When you live in a previously unseen city in a foreign country, very far away from your usual comfort zone, it … Continue reading

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This old time business is never good for disco

This old time business is never good for disco. I like sentences like that. I really do. They don’t make sense, but they do – they make sense, but they don’t. To me, these really are the best kind of … Continue reading

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