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Because ‘Northern Justice’ was taken

Detective Bo Johnson was a tough DC cop who stepped on too many toes in his old precinct and was promptly given the McNulty Season 2 treatment by his superiors – transferred as far away as humanly possible and forgotten … Continue reading

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Watching Hockey in Europe (on TV!)

Watching hockey in Europe – one of my favourite pastimes in one of my favourite places. But doing so is not necessarily one size fits all. Not only is it a lot more difficult than I had first anticipated, but … Continue reading

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Magic Boat Ride – How I Wished for Death the First Time I Went to Sweden

Taking a cruise from Finland to Sweden could end your life. Lord knows it nearly ended mine. In my relatively short lifetime, I’ve twice taken a boat from Helsinki to Stockholm. Both times gave me some unforgettable nights, unrivaled fun, … Continue reading

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Five notes on a Finnish wedding

I’ve been on summer holidays this past month, traveling around to see friends and family in Europe. One of the trips took me back to my old home in Finland, where I got to attend the wedding of a friend. … Continue reading

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Wanna know something really weird about me? I lived in Finland for a while. And Finland sort of makes sense to me now. I can speak a bit of Finnish – that’s never going away – and it’s a skill … Continue reading

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Who the hell is Mikey Bukna?

A funny thing happened to me this week. Christmas is over and I’ve been enjoying my gifts when I can. One such gift – from a good friend who knows me well – was the gift of hockey, in the … Continue reading

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12 Reasons to Look Forward to Hockey

With the 2011 – 2012 NHL season only a month away, here are 12 reasons to get into the spirit: The Winnipeg Jets! Are you kidding me?! Finally the hockey gods smile on the Great White North. While it would’ve … Continue reading

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Carry on, Kallio

The bar attracts a diverse crowd and I’m always entertained by the drunkenness of the clientele and their wild behavior. – Jason Wright, SpottedbyLocals.com, July 2011 This week I accidently stumbled upon a few Aki Kaurismäki films on YouTube. I … Continue reading

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Arto Diitonen

In other countries one must make sacrifices of convenience in the name of experience. This means giving up little comforts here and there. One of these million little things is movies. Movies from home may not come out until months … Continue reading

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The IIHF: Determined to give someone else a chance to win

Anybody who knows me, and anybody else who just happens to be in conversation with me for more than a few minutes, can tell you that I love hockey. My soma is the good old hockey game; her presence is … Continue reading

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