If Batman Were Dutch…

If the Caped Crusader hailed from Holland there would be some differences to the character we know and love. But it’s a worthwhile reality to consider. After all, anyone who doesn’t enjoy saying, “Waar is de trigger?!” in a Dutch accent and Christian Bale growl is surely without a soul.

If Batman were Dutch, Bruce Wayne would be blonder. But he’d also be a bit taller. A couple inches couldn’t hurt in his fight against crime.

You could guarantee that Dutch Wayne Manor would be a lot smaller though. There aren’t too many large living spaces in Holland so he’d be leaning towards a smaller, more gezellig HQ.

Which is fine, because he’d be hit with crazy-high tax rates anyways. Holland does love to tax, so Dutch Batman would have a lot less cash on hand for all those wonderful toys.

The skies would be much too windy for the Batplane and the roads are just not Batmobile friendly – especially in the city – so get used to seeing the Batbike. Think a Schwinn with a Dick Sprang fender on the front.

More supervillains would be German. Because the Dutch Dark Knight wouldn’t quite trust all those rude Germans.

Finally, there would be no more Robin. Only Robben.

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4 Responses to If Batman Were Dutch…

  1. dndtblog says:

    HAHAHA splendid post mate!!
    Great stuff. Is there any sequel with other nations?
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