David Putty’s Feel-Good Film of the Year

From NHL Home Video, and the studio that brought you Angels in the Outfield, comes a tale of wonder from the Garden State.

Bruce Grimaldi was a precocious ten-year-old who loved the sport of hockey. But when his deadbeat dad skipped town to follow the heavy-metal outfit Ratt on tour, Bruce was forced to live with his aunt and uncle in Hoboken, New Jersey. After begging his father to change his mind, Bruce received this ominous promise: “Sure, son. I’ll come back for good . . . when the Devils win the Stanley Cup.”

New Jersey was a club that had endured losses through free agency and dressed a goaltender who’d been around since the advent of hockey. So, following his Catholic training, Bruce wisely prayed to the man upstairs for help. But when those prayers went unanswered and the heavens convinced New Jersey’s best player to jump ship to Russia, he had to go with Plan B.

Desperate, Bruce asked the Devil for a helping hand.

His call was immediately answered and Satan himself arrived to assist the Devils, steal some souls, and help Bruce re-unite his family.

It’s a star-studded affair, with Will Sasso staring as longtime Devil’s GM Lou Lamoriello:

Will Sasso, smile, Lou Lamoriello, New Jersey Devils, Neutral Zone……Lou Lamoriello, smile. microphone, Will Sasso, New Jersey Devils, Neutral Zone

.And Jon Lovitz, in the role he was born to play, as Lucifer:

Jon Lotivz, the devil, New Jersey, SNL

Critics are raving about Devils in the Neutral Zone. Paul Clay of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette calls it: “By far, the worst licensing decision the NHL’s made since The Love Guru.” While Matt Calhoun of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch says: “I didn’t think a ninety-minute film about The Trap would be even the least bit entertaining . . . and I was proven right.”

It’s Devils in the Neutral Zone – coming this fall to home video.

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