Because ‘Northern Justice’ was taken

Detective Bo Johnson was a tough DC cop who stepped on too many toes in his old precinct and was promptly given the McNulty Season 2 treatment by his superiors – transferred as far away as humanly possible and forgotten about immediately. Using some seldom-used and unbelievable “cultural exchange” program, his fed-up chief sent him all the way to Helsinki, Finland for an indeterminate amount of time.

It was there that he was paired up with a young Finnish sleuth named Eero Peltonen. Eero was as green as they come and stubbornly obeyed every rule imaginable, not because it was right, but because he’s Finnish and that’s just the way they do things in the North.

The conflicting styles of these two men clashed more than once, but over the course of their after-hours investigation into the mysterious disappearance of Eero’s sister, they eventually begin to trust one another.

Small leads take them on a manhunt throughout Europe and the United States, as they’re thrown head first into an adventure which clashes cultures and stifles stereotypes.

Because this is no ordinary pairing. This is the work of Finland’s newest detective team. This is the work of Bo & Eero

Bo and Eero, Finnish buddy cop, black cop white cop

Finnish Emmy please!

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