The Top 10 cms of 2012

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to send in submissions for the top ten centimetres of 2012. Well, we here at Alligator Wine have collected your submissions and voted on the best of the best. So, without further ado, we are proud to present to you the definitive list of the top 10 cms of 2012.


Berlin Map Germany

Berlin: Cm 5-6: Submitted by Grant Shultz of Danzing, Germany.

Grant argued that there is no Berlin without the “-lin”, and we couldn’t agree more. Centimetre five to six is good enough for number ten on our list.


Cat in the hat

Cat in the Hat: Cms 7-8: Submitted by Eddie Metronome of Johansson, Alberta.

This photo of our favourite cat is sure to surprise. For you see, Eddie decided to measure his eyes. Measure his eyes? How very wise. And because of that, number nine’s his prize!


Pumpkin head: Cms 10-11: Submitted by Christopher Malone of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

A late-October submission from Christopher certainly spooked us enough into adding this one to the list at number eight.


Muppet Cup

Fozzy: Cm 7-8: Submitted by Franklin Osborne of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Franklin’s submission wocka-wockas its way to number seven on our list.


Krtek Czech cartoon graffiti street art

Krtek. Cm 1-2: Submitted by Ville Niintendo of Ryyppy, Finland.

How our hearts cannot resist the lovable mole that is Krtek.


5 kg

5kg: Cm 4-5: Submitted by Dennis Billings of Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Might I suggest this as #5?” What a clever suggestion, Dennis. A 5kg logo terminating at cm 5 on the measurement is certainly at home at number 5.


George Parros mustache measurement

George Parros: Cm 9-10 : Submitted by Gianni Johnson of Jacksonville, Florida.

The question should be: Why isn’t Anaheim enforcer George Parros’ mustache on every top ten list?


Prague 2 sign Czech Republic

Prague sign: Cms 0-2: Submitted by Lenka Svickova of Mikulov, Czech Republic.

The first two centimetres of this contribution make up the first two centimetres of the P in the neighbourhood of “Prague 2”. Though we realize it’s difficult to measure a sign and take a photo at the same time without looking like a total freak, some foresight by Lenka to measure the first two centimentres of the second letter of “Prague 2” (in this case, the R) would’ve surely warranted some serious argument for the second position on our list. Though, in our minds, it’s still good enough for number three.


Golden Gate Bridge measurement how big is

San Francisco: Cms 0-5: Submitted by Timothy Freeman of Campbell, California.

Our only major landmark that made the cut this year, the Golden Gate Bridge is beautiful enough to warrant all five centimetres make the list.


Canadian flag: Cms 12-15: Submitted by Martin Vana of Bratislava, Slovakia.

Either Martin has great taste, or he knows exactly the right buttons to push to influence the judges. Centimetres twelve through fifteen delightfully form the foundation for our home and native land.


Once again, I’d like to give a special thanks to everyone who contributed submissions this year. It surely helped to make this top ten one of the top ten top ten lists that I’ve ever taken part in.

Those who were lucky enough to see their submissions on our list will be sent a special gift from all of us here at Alligator Wine. For the rest that didn’t make the cut, better luck next year!

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