Wanna know something really weird about me? I lived in Finland for a while. And Finland sort of makes sense to me now. I can speak a bit of Finnish – that’s never going away – and it’s a skill about as applicable as juggling. Not a lot of real world application, but kind of a neat party trick (I can juggle too, by the way). A Canadian learning Finnish is about one step up from Esperanto on the usefulness scale.

It hit me the other night as I was falling asleep. You could plop me down anywhere in Helsinki and I’d know where I was. WTF?! What moron can do that? Not that it’s a big city or anything, but it’s just far away from everything else I’ve ever known. I can’t say I could find my way in many places on this planet … but I can with Helsinki. This was one of the benefits to funemployment, it gave me a lot of time to wander around town aimlessly and get lost just to find my way home.

I lived in Finland. For a while. That happened. Only now, more than a year after leaving, I’m coming to terms with the ridiculousness of this fact. I only half believe it myself.

It’s not a bad thing, far from it, it’s just really weird.

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