The deep genius of Fred Armisen leads the construction of a show that time and time again can so well take the piss out of that scene. From dumpster divers, coffee snobs, bike lane nazis, fixie enthusiasts, and the personification of entitled smug, it captures so well the things I couldn’t put into words when I found myself in this part of the world for a half a decade.

The exterior shots and internal slices of Portland that appear in the show might as well be from Vancouver. The culture of both towns, along with Seattle, is more similar than most other places in the world (save maybe parts of Brooklyn currently?) and so the send-up of the internal workings of its citizenry are ridiculously adept and apt.

But one thing caught me by surprise the other day. The THIS IS OVER! sketch and the great Mitch Clem’s Evolution of a 90s Punk have a screaming similarity. Not in a rip-off way, but in a parallel sense. The respective subcultures – that I’ve been grateful to be both exposed to and influenced by at different times in my life – sometimes deserve to have the piss taken out them once in a while. This is mostly due to how seriously both tend to take themselves.

But shit is the show ever good, even if you’ve never seen the Pacific Northwest in action. And if you have – there’s just something especially impressive about how well they capture the characters, the lifestyles, the attitudes, and the scenery.

That said, here’s the comic and the clip. See for yourself:

Exhibit A:

All image rights to the mighty Mitch Clem

Exhibit B:

Go watch it. Go watch it now!

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