November 29, 2010: Pt. II

(I lied. Now nothing else from the original kayak piece will see the light of day)

Just some food for thought:

Almost as much as I want a pro hockey team in Hamilton for the sake of a pro hockey team in Hamilton, I’m most in favor of a team in my hometown for the playoff-run party scenario.

Everyone recalls Calgary’s Red Mile antics, Edmonton’s impressive Blue Mile follow-up (though I still think Whyte Mile would have been a much better name), and Ottawa’s weak-ass Sens Mile during their curb-stomping by the Ducks. Presumably, Toronto would have a bigger Blue Mile (maybe Maple Leaf Mile?), Montreal would simply devolve into a pseudo-condoned anarchy state, and Vancouver would…well…Vancouver doesn’t ever need to worry about a deep playoff run.

That said, if Hamilton were to get a team, the playoff parties would result in something I’d like to think would be called…

The Dirty Mile.

And I don’t think this name would be considered an insult either. It would, in fact, be embraced by the city.

Let’s be honest, it’s Hamilton, it isn’t pretty at times. And there is no shortage of doucheholes who take things too far during a party and ruin it for everyone else. In fact, I think that’s a chief export of the Hammer (I should know). These antics would be national news on a nightly basis.

The few blocks between the arena and Hess Village (the massive neighbourhood of bars in Hamilton) are already quite dirty, stinky, and FUBAR drunksauce on a Friday night. I can’t help but think that a playoff run would catalyze this further.

It’s already the Dirty Mile, it just needs an excuse to lay claim to the name. It ain’t pretty, it’s dirty. It’s dirty, but it’s ours.

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