Halloween in Finland


Halloween is coming to Finland…slowly. They have trick or treating already. Except it happens around Easter for some reason. What can I say it’s Finland.

The idea is gaining some steam though. Stores are selling costumes and pumpkins, though most have never carved one.

Personally, I love Halloween and hope that it sticks. Who doesn’t like free candy as a kid and slutty cats as an adult? So, I took it upon myself to act as North American Halloween ambassador to Suomi.

Last weekend my girlfriend and I hosted a Halloween party for Finns. While there isn’t really enough room for her and I in this flat, we somehow filled it with Finns and I had the bizarre experience of teaching grown men and women how to carve a pumpkin for the first time. It is interesting thing, sitting in a room of adults listening intently, while I explained how to do something a four-year-old Canadian could. But it was kind of cool nonetheless – everyone got into it. Pumpkins were carved then we all got loaded, naturally.

The moustached pumpkin on the left appears to have killed someone in jail. Or could be a gay French mime. Or both.

While Finns may not yet be able to truly appreciate cheesy-scary movies on Halloween, I give it a few more years before they fully begin to understand the beauty of the holiday and it’s traditions.

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