Pat Burns for Awesome

Do you know the last time I can remember the Leafs starting a season off 2-0?

…no? Yah, me neither. How bout the last time I watched a game where they completely dominated, looked like a respectable team, and enthused you as a fan? Yup, me neither. I think I was in high school or something.

What is that strange feeling?

Pride, Sergio, that’s pride. I know it doesn’t seem natural to use pride and Leafs in the same sentence without the suffix -less in there somewhere – sad – but it’s true…at least for the short term. And with the last few seasons the short term is good enough for me.

It’s only two games into the season, but it took Toronto until November 6th to do this last year. Little victories? Even if they lose 70 straight, it’s still nice to get this feeling at some point during the season. That’s how low it goes for a Leafs fan in the post-lockout era: stretching like Dom Hasek in the Cirque du Soleil to find beautiful things.

But hey! you’re saying, It was only Ottawa, they suck too! True. Except this time the Leafs didn’t win because they sucked less – they won because they were a better team. Again, a rarity the last few years. It was three periods of sheer dominance, strong forechecking, team play, and a defensive show that never let Ottawa get going. Quite honestly, I cannot recall the last time I saw Toronto actually play that well for sixty minutes, but I’m pretty sure Saddam Hussein was still in hiding.

Like I said, they could lose epically and awfully the rest of the month, miss the playoffs, finish 30th (still not have a 1st round pick mind you), and I wouldn’t be all that surprised. So imma take and enjoy these few days of solace since only Zombie-Christ knows when I’ll get to do it again.

On a side note, to witness this Leafs slaying I stayed up the latest I ever have to watch a hockey game, but since it was the first Saturday night HNIC this season, I was okay with this. The game came on in Helsinki around 2am. I split after the 5-0 goal around 4:30 in the am. Let’s see a Canucks fan do that!

Go Leafs.

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